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Cannabis found efficient against superbugs, Eaze struggles to stay afloat, California allows medical cannabis in schools and other weekly news

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Medical cannabis

🇨🇦A compound made by cannabis plants has been found to wipe out drug-resistant bacteria, raising hopes of a new weapon in the fight against superbugs.

Project updates

🇺🇸High Times, the storied 45-year-old publication that advocates for the legalization of cannabis, announced plans to open its retail stores this year. 

🇺🇸Once calling itself the “Uber of pot,” Silicon Valley cannabis startup Eaze is struggling to pay vendors as it searches for a new round of funding, reports said on Thursday (Jan. 16). Backed by roughly $166 million in funding, Eaze is looking for a $35 million Series D funding round. 


🇺🇸California allows medicinal cannabis in public schools—a national milestone for cannabis laws. 


🇨🇭Cannabis industry leaders from across the globe will network at a dedicated Cannabis House set up by Tel Aviv-based CannaTech at the 50th annual World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, January 21-24.

Article of the week 

⬛️Forbes: An Incubator For Cannabis Startups That – Get This – Is Government Sponsored Is Setting Up Shop in Israel’s Negev Desert

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