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Medical cannabis news

 🇺🇸 California Governor has signed several cannabis bills, including the one that will make legal marijuana businesses benefit from more tax deductions. 

🇩🇪Berlin medical cannabis startup Demecan has secured a 7 million EUR Series A financing round from btov Partners VC – a first investment in cannabis space for the latter. In May 2019 Demecan has become the only German company allowed to produce medical cannabis in Germany, alongside with two other Canadian companies. This marks a new milestone for German medical cannabis space, bridged with local venture capital. 

🇬🇧A major £1.2million clinical study in the UK will research the effect of cannabidiol (CBD) treatments on Parkinson-related psychosis that hits over 60% patients. 


🇨🇦Cannabis producer CannTrust will destroy inventory and plants worth altogether over $77 million in the attempt to regain regulatory approval from Canadian authorities. The company lost its license for cannabis production and sales this September for being non-compliant with ational growth regulations. 

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