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Israel to allocate over $40 million to a cannabis incubator, UK’s NHS prescribes cannabis medicine and other weekly news

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Medical cannabis 

🇬🇧UK’s National Health Service (NHS) will start prescribing the first cannabis-based medicine for epilepsy. 

New initiatives

🇺🇸The Bureau of Cannabis Control announced a program that will encourage Californian cannabis stores to put QR codes on their windows which will let users verify legal dispensaries. 

🇮🇱Israel is setting up a medical cannabis incubator in the city of Jerucham, planning to allocate $43,2 million in 5 years to boost startups and entrepreneurs in the field. 

🇱🇸Lesotho plans to export its cannabis to the world, as it becomes a critical piece of the government’s agricultural strategy.

Opinions of the week

⬛️”The SAFE Act Could Be 2020’s Biggest Cannabis Catalyst“, – Yahoo FInance

⬜️“Five Questions With Hip Cannabis Entrepreneur: Mario Guzman, Founder Of SHERBINSKIS”, – Forbes

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