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New York determined to legalize cannabis in 2020, UK’s CMC urging government to review policies and other weekly news

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Medical cannabis

🇬🇧Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) has called on the UK government to urgently review policies related to cannabis access. The appeal came after the publication of the largest survey in the country, showing that 1,4 million people in the UK use «street» cannabis regularly to treat chronic medical conditions. 


🇮🇹A group of Italian researchers discovered a cannabinoid potentially 30 times stronger than THC – the most recognised psychoactive cannabinoid for its medical properties so far. 


🇺🇸New York Governor Andrew Cuomo highlighted legalisation of adult-use cannabis legalization as one of his 2020 priorities.

Article of the week 

⬛️TechCrunch: CES takes half-baked stance on cannabis. Cannabis tech is allowed at CES if presented as something else

⬜️Valuation420: The Iron Law of Prohibition by Jordan Youkilis  

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