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New Zealand reveals proposal for recreational cannabis, Lil Wayne launches a cannabis brand and other weekly news

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🇳🇿New Zealand’s Justice Minister revealed the proposal for recreational cannabis legislation, which citizens will vote on alongside with 2020 elections. The current national leader Simon Bridges feels hesitant and says this vote risks becoming the «Brexit of New Zealand». 

Medical cannabis

 🇨🇦 Canadian retail pharmacy chain Shopper drug mart opened an online medical cannabis portal to guide consumers through cannabis usage for medical purposes, while the majority of customers in Canada buy it without prescription. 

Project news 

🇺🇸 Famous US hip hop artist Lil Wayne launched his own cannabis line: GKUA Ultra Premium. The brand will select strands with the highest amount of THC available, allowing it to offer exceptionally potent products.

Articles of the week

🍃Leafly investigation: Inside the billion-dollar race to patent cannabis

🇮🇱 Israel Rescinds Moratorium On Cannabis Import and Export, Now What? by Sara Brittany Somerset for Forbes 

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